Timeless Discoveries Around Mons: Your Adventure Begins at Au Petit Dragon

Welcome to "Au Petit Dragon", where adventure and discovery of the attractions of Mons are literally at a pedal's reach. Our family guesthouse is ideally located for those wishing to explore the timeless attractions of the region, all accessible by bike. Here is an overview of the must-see places you can discover during your stay with us.


Pairi Daiza: A Must-Visit Animal Odyssey

Take a bike ride to Pairi Daiza and immerse yourself in a world where nature and wildlife coexist in harmony. This zoological park, known for its exceptional biodiversity, offers a complete immersion in habitats from around the world, all within cycling distance from our family guesthouse "Au Petit Dragon".


Sparkoh!: A Universe of Discovery

Pedal to Sparkoh!, a captivating science and culture center where both young and old can explore the wonders of science in a fun and interactive way. Located in Frameries, Sparkoh! is a perfect educational destination for a family outing, just a few pedal strokes from our guesthouse.


The Hydraulic Lifts of the Canal du Centre

Embark on a journey through time by visiting the hydraulic lifts of the Canal du Centre, accessible after a pleasant bike ride from the family guesthouse "Au Petit Dragon". Discover this 19th-century engineering masterpiece and enjoy the picturesque landscapes along the banks.


The Grand-Hornu Site

Pedal through history to the Grand-Hornu, where industrial heritage meets contemporary art. The Museum of Contemporary Arts (MAC's) within this site offers a fascinating dive into modern art, all within a pleasant bike ride from our guesthouse.

Your Starting Point for a Bike Adventure in Mons

"Au Petit Dragon" is more th

an just a guesthouse; it's the start of your bike journey to discover the treasures of Mons and its surroundings. With major attractions within reach, we offer the perfect starting point for days filled with adventure, history, and culture, all accessible by bike. Get ready to explore Mons in a unique and sustainable way.