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Our News - Découvrez les ascenseurs à bateaux du Canal du Centre - Découvrez les ascenseurs à bateaux du Canal du Centre

08 Apr 24

Travel Back in Time: The Canal du Center Boat Lifts

Immerse yourself in the world of the Canal du Centre's hydraulic elevators, engineering marvels designed at the beginning of the 20th century, still in operation. These elevators, unique in the world, were built to respond to a major economic challenge: transporting goods, particularly coal, over a height difference of 66 meters. Now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, they are a living testimony to human ingenuity in the face of the technical challenges of their time. The Canal du Center itself, with its ancillary structures, constitutes an industrial landscape where time seems to have stood still, inviting a fascinating exploration of Belgium's industrial history. Visiting these elevators is not only about educating yourself about the evolution of hydraulic techniques, but also immersing yourself in a crucial part of Belgian cultural heritage, providing an experience that is both educational and picturesque.

Make the most of your visit to the historic elevators by cycling directly from our guest room. 'Au Petit Dragon' offers you bikes to explore the Ravel along the canal, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of Walloon industrial heritage and landscapes in an immersive experience.

In addition, this month of April, an exceptional and unique ride is offered to you on the Historic Center canal. Embark at Strépy-Thieu and cross the largest boat lift in Europe. Then, by small train, discover the hydraulic elevators classified by UNESCO, before visiting the engine room of elevator no. 3 to unlock its secrets. The ride ends with a return trip on a little train along the canal, offering an experience rich in discoveries and history.

Let 'Au Petit Dragon' be your guide in this captivating adventure, where the industrial past mixes with the beauty of the Walloon landscapes.

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01 Apr 24

Immerse yourself in the Doudou of Mons: Historical Festivities and Living Heritage!

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Doudou in Mons, where folklore, history and tradition mingle in a unique festive atmosphere. 🐉


Witness the epic clash of Saint George and the dragon and join us in the vibrant celebration in honor of Saint Waudru.


Don't miss this magical opportunity to experience the passion and joy of Doudou! The event that makes the heart of Mons beat 🐉 and which brings together young and old around an exceptional heritage. 🏰💫


Next May 26!

au petit Dragon - Chambre d'Hôtes à Mons

au petit Dragon - Chambre d'Hôtes à Mons

03 Apr 24

A Wind of Encouragement Blows on 'Au Petit Dragon' 🌟💖

We are overwhelmed with gratitude reading your latest reviews. Every positive word, every praise, is received not only as a compliment, but as a real encouragement for the future of 'Au Petit Dragon'. Your warm feedback inspires us to continue to improve, innovate and make each stay even more memorable.


Thank you for believing in our project and being part of this great adventure. Your satisfaction is the driving force of our passion and the guide to our future evolution. 🚀🌱


We look forward to welcoming you again and building new memories together. The future looks bright, and it's thanks to you!

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30 Mar 24

Welcome Spring with the Family: Science Adventure in Sparkoh! 🌷🔭

Spring is here, and with it, the desire for new discoveries with the family! At 'Au Petit Dragon', we invite you to celebrate the renewal of nature by awakening your children's scientific curiosity at Sparkoh!, a space where fun and learning meet. 🌸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


Located just minutes from our B&B, Sparkoh! offers a myriad of interactive experiences that will fascinate budding explorers and adults alike. From fun experiments to engaging exhibits, immerse yourself in the world of science in a fun and engaging way. 🧪🌌


After a day full of discoveries and wonder, find the comfort and tranquility of 'Au Petit Dragon', where your family adventure stories will continue around a cozy corner. Get ready to create memorable memories this spring, under the sign of discovery and shared joy. 🛌🌟


Book your spring getaway with us and turn a simple family outing into an educational and fun adventure in Sparkoh!

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29 Mar 24

Prehistoric Journey to the Flint Mines of Spiennes 🪓🌍

Discover the buried secrets of our prehistoric past at the Spiennes Silex Mines, one of the oldest and largest flint extraction centers in the world. Located a few minutes from our guest room 'Au Petit Dragon', these mines offer a unique window on the ingenuities of our ancestors. 🏺🌿

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Spiennes site is a fascinating testimony to the Neolithic era. Walk the educational trail on the surface to observe the traces left by mining activity more than 6,000 years ago, and literally immerse yourself in history by visiting the underground galleries, accessible during special guided tours. 🔦👣

This experience is not just a history lesson; it is an immersion into the daily life of the first Europeans, a captivating adventure for the whole family. After a day of exploration, return to the comfort and tranquility of 'Au Petit Dragon', where we are waiting for you to share your impressions of this epic journey through time. 🛌💭

Plan your historic stay with us and let 'Au Petit Dragon' be the starting point for your exploration of our region's mining heritage.

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27 Mar 24

Immerse yourself in Local Life with 'Au Petit Dragon': Your Home in Mons 🍂🏡

Hello to all ! 🌟 It is with great pleasure that we invite you to discover 'Au Petit Dragon', our family nest nestled in the heart of Wallonia, in Mons. Before diving into the world of our guest room, let us tell you how this adventure began in a completely unexpected way.


We, Emeline and Nicolas, accompanied by our children Emma and Arthur, had not planned to become hosts. However, life had a nice surprise in store for us by guiding us towards this project that captured our hearts. 10 years ago, we were charmed by this unique place, full of soul and stories, and we felt the call to revive it, while weaving our own family story. 🛠️💖


""Au Petit Dragon"" is much more than just a guest room; it is a part of our life, a space where the history of the past meets the warmth of our present. We have invested our passion and love to make it a place of sharing and meeting, where each visitor can feel history vibrating through the walls while enjoying modern comfort. 🏡👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


Our mission ? Offering you total immersion in the charm of Wallonia, making you experience Mons as if you were a long-time resident. At 'Au Petit Dragon', you are not just guests; you are full participants in local life, invited to discover its customs, its gastronomy and its landscapes as only a true Montois could do. 🤗


We look forward to showing you the hidden treasures of Wallonia and sharing our daily lives. Follow our adventure and don't hesitate to join us to write new chapters of this incredible story together. 🗺️✨

25 Mar 24

Discovery of the Canal du Centre: A Journey to the Heart of Innovation and Nature 🚤🌿

Set off to discover the Canal du Centre, a jewel of our heritage where human ingenuity meets the quiet beauty of nature. This engineering masterpiece, famous for its historic hydraulic elevators, is a true window into Belgium's industrial past, and a must-see for lovers of history, technology and picturesque landscapes. 🏗️🍃


The Canal du Center is not only a monument to the glory of technical innovation, it is also a haven of peace for all those looking to escape into nature. Its green banks and calm waters provide the perfect setting for walks, cycling excursions or even relaxing cruises. 🚴‍♂️🛶


Our Bed and Breakfast 'Au Petit Dragon' is ideally located for exploring all the wonders that the Canal du Center has to offer. Whether you're passionate about industrial history or simply looking for a peaceful waterside experience, we are your gateway to this unique adventure.


Stay tuned for our next publications, where we will reveal in more detail the unmissable activities and points of interest relating to the Canal du Centre. 📅🌟


Plan your stay with us and let 'Au Petit Dragon' enrich your exploration of the Canal du Center with comfort and conviviality.

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23 Mar 24

Family Adventure in Pairi Daiza, Comfortable Rest at 'Au Petit Dragon' 🐘🍃

Adventurous families, are you ready for an epic day in the heart of nature and among animals from around the world? Pairi Daiza, one of the most beautiful zoological gardens in Europe, awaits you for a unique immersive experience, just a 5-minute drive from our welcoming guesthouse 'Au Petit Dragon'. 🚗💨


Discover distant worlds, exotic cultures and astonishing biodiversity. Pairi Daiza is a window open to the planet, where each member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, will find wonder and education. 🌍👀


After a day full of discoveries and emotions, 'Au Petit Dragon' offers you the ideal setting to relax and share your wonderful experiences. Our guest room is designed for family comfort, providing a peaceful and warm space to recharge your batteries and dream of the next day's adventures. 🛌✨


Book your stay at 'Au Petit Dragon' now and transform your visit to Pairi Daiza into a complete family adventure, rich in memories and shared moments. - Découvrez l'univers fantastique Trolls et Légendes à Mons - Découvrez l'univers fantastique Trolls et Légendes à Mons

13 Mar 24

Experience the Magic as a Family at the 2024 Trolls and Legends Festival 🧚‍♂️✨

Adventurous families, mark your calendars! From March 29 to 31, 2024, the Trolls and Legends festival transforms Mons into an enchanted kingdom where the fantasy of literature, music and art comes to life. A magical weekend for little dragons and big knights! 🐲🛡️

Immerse yourself in magical worlds with your children: attend captivating shows, browse a magical market full of original treasures and share special moments with creators of fantastical epics. Each activity is an open door to imagination and dreams for the whole family. 🌈🎭

""Au Petit Dragon"", located not far from the festival, is the ideal refuge for families. Treat yourself to a stay where comfort rhymes with enchantment, and where every detail is thought of so that young and old alike have an unforgettable experience. 🏰💤. Good tip: the festival is free for children!



#TrollsEtLégendes #FamilleFantasy #MonsMagique #AuPetitDragon #AventureEnFamille - rappel de l’héritage des mines et charbonnages du Borinage et du Centre - rappel de l’héritage des mines et charbonnages du Borinage et du Centre

10 Mar 24

Discovering the Mining Heritage of Borinage and Center

🌟 Immerse yourself in the rich mining heritage of Borinage and the Center, an invaluable treasure of our history. The region, famous for its industrial past, offers a unique window into the life and work of the mining communities that shaped our cultural and social landscape. 🏭🔨


From the extraction of prehistoric flint in Spiennes to the great epics of coal mining, including impressive technical achievements such as the boat lifts of the Canal du Centre, our region is an open-air history book. 📚🌍


Each site, each monument tells a story of toil, innovation and solidarity, reflecting the resilient spirit of the men and women who lived and worked here. It is a heritage that we are proud to share with you. 🤝❤️


Located in the heart of this region rich in history, our Bed and Breakfast "Au Petit Dragon" is the ideal starting point for exploring these witnesses of the past. Whether you are passionate about history, looking for educational activities for your children or simply curious to discover local heritage, our region has so much to offer. 🏡🌄


Prepare yourself for a journey through time, to discover the deep roots of our industrial civilization. Book your stay at ""Au Petit Dragon"" and let us guide you through the living chapters of our shared history. 🕰️✨


#MiningHeritage #Borinage #Center #IndustrialHistory #Heritage #Discovery #Family #AuPetitDragon - sortie familiale à l'exposition Rodin, une renaissance moderne à Mons - sortie familiale à l'exposition Rodin, une renaissance moderne à Mons

07 Mar 24

Discover Rodin as a Family: "A Modern Renaissance" at the Museum of Fine Arts in Mons

This spring, embark on a family art adventure at the Museum of Fine Arts in Mons with the exhibition "Rodin. A Modern Renaissance". Immerse yourself in the world of the renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin and discover how Belgium influenced his captivating art.


The exhibition features a fascinating collection of Rodin's works, including iconic sculptures and drawings, perfect for sparking curiosity in both the young and the old. Explore together the history and innovation through the eyes of Rodin and the artists who inspired him.


It's the perfect opportunity to introduce children to art while enjoying quality family time. Don't miss this chance to share a culturally enriching experience with your loved ones.


We look forward to welcoming you to "Au Petit Dragon" to complete your cultural family getaway in Mons!