For a local and sustainable tourism

Commitment to an eco-responsible approach

News about climate change and environmental issues demonstrate this is time for a change. That’s why we decided to adopt an ecoresponsible approach for the management of the B&B and in our daily live.

So, what do you do ?

We put in place several actions aiming at reducing the impact of your visit on the environment and to make benefit the local environment of it.

Keep it simple !

Sorting waste | reduce energy consumption | promoting gentle mobility | promoting local and responsible trade | support local actions to protect nature

Of course, changing habits and especially with Business is not a piece of cake. This can quickly mean expenses or be not comfortable for guests. Hence, we define an action plan for several years to plan our transformation. We hope you will support us in our approach.

Concretely, we have shares in a citizen project oriented on the local production of renewable energy : Emisions Zéro and  signed a contract with a provider ranked as one of the most environmentally friendly by Greenpeace : Cociter. In the future, we are looking at producing our energy via solar panels and heat pump.

We display our environmental charter in the accommodation to present our commitment.

From now, we take a zero-waste approach. We have replaced all traditional care and food products by more environmentally friendly products  and/or Fair-Trade and/or from organic farming. We have developped communication to make travellers aware of the main concerns, our actions and to promote soft mobility and our local natural environment.

Also, we support the association Natagora by providing a financial support. This association aims at protecting nature, especially in Wallonia and in Brussels. The main objective is to stop the deterioration of biodiversity and to recover a good state for Nature in respect with human activity.

We will appreciate your contribution to evaluate our approach and efforts by filling in the eco-satisfaction survey during your stay. Your opinion influence our decisions of future investment and action in sustainability.

Mons ! Move with the Green attitude

Mons by bike

Do you know we can secure bicycles in a closed area ?

At VisitMons, the main Touris Office in Mons, you can rent classic or electric bicycles to discover the Region and its treasures. Along the crossroads network in Cœur du Hainaut,  you can crisscross very easily the Region.

Need more ? With no less than 15 bicycle routes for the whole family, there truly is something for everyone.

More info on VisitMons and Vhello

Find more documentation with maps in the accommodation.

Join us by train ?

The station is in work for years now. However, it is still operational. We prepared support to join the bus or taxi station from platforms.

You can plan your route and buy tickets via 

Join the temporary station

Join us by bus ?

We are located at a few steps (500 meters) from the bus stop called Hyon Eglise or Hyon Hoyois. Through the route City’O, take a bus every 15min in week between 5.30AM and 8PM (every 20min on Saturday but no bus on Sunday). You stay several days? We have bus card with preferred price.

More info on

Schedule and bus stop for City’O Mons